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Bashir joins Fanview to accelerate technology division growth

Announcement / November 8th, 2018

Fanview is celebrating the news that highly-experienced digital technology director Usman Bashir is to join the business as a Board Advisor.

The former Deltatre executive will provide us with the benefits of two decades of experience at the top level of the digital industry.

A big sports fan, particularly of cricket, Usman has been involved in the development and delivery of systems ranging from handheld devices to large scale web solutions. Recently, his focus has been on building products which provide rich communication experiences to large corporate clients through the use of industry-leading content management systems.

He is a perfect fit with Fanview’s positioning as an innovation agency, constantly dipping his toes into the latest technologies to bring value to his clients through creative use. In recent times, his passion has been working with the cloud and machine learning as the next frontier.

The father-of-two said: “I am excited to get involved with Fanview, so that we can deliver a rich digital experience to sports fans and continue to disrupt the industry with innovative solutions.”

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