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Fanview fires production into the cloud for Aphetor's 'Influencer Olympics'

Announcement / September 21st, 2020

Fanview is enjoying a double celebration after helping to deliver the pilot of an innovative, influencer-led event - Aphetor Altitude - while also deploying a first full project for our cloud production partner, Mavis Broadcast.

The good folks at Aphetor set themselves a stiff task for their first event in Snowdonia, North Wales - bring together 20 influencers, transport them way out of their comfort zones and literally throw them into a series of adrenaline-fuelled, nerve shredding, extreme events. The results were captured on camera, edited and amplified across the influencers' followings of their social media platforms.

As technology partners to Aphetor, we knew speed of delivery to the waiting audience was a key consideration, so we integrated Mavis into the broadcast plans. As a fully cloud-based, rather than remote, production system Mavis is designed to take everything you would expect to find in a traditional outside broadcast truck and transport it into the cloud - mixing desk, replays, the lot.

Individual camera and iPhone feeds to be encoded directly over IP and mixed by the director in real-time via the cloud. The resulting feed is then delivered directly to the desired platform rather than having to be encoded again locally.

By being able to reduce the amount of production personnel and equipment required on venue compared to a more traditional approach, Mavis can offer significant cost-savings, as well as helping reduce the carbon footprint of outside broadcasts.

From all but the most remote and connectivity-free of competition venues at Aphetor Altitude, we were able to create a steady stream of live video content from multiple fixed cameras and iPhones for the editors to work from at their base in London.

For graphics, we were once again able to deploy the system of our partners, Singular, offering low-cost cloud graphics perfect for remote IP delivery. We were also able to assist Aphetor in integrating their innovative live heart rate monitoring feed into the broadcast to graphically visualise the influencers’ stress levels as they undertook the extreme challenges.

For more information on Mavis Broadcast, Singular or our production capabilities, please contact us here.

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