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2019 UEFA Champions League Final

Project Overview

Fanview delivers cutting-edge volumetric scanning tech to the world’s top broadcasters

Fanview and scanning partner, Repronauts, once again had the privilege of working with UEFA’s innovative broadcast team on the broadcast and digital output of the Champions League Final.

We provided the latest volumetric scanning, processing and animation technology to create photorealistic 3D avatars of all 52 players from Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool, the finalists in Madrid.

Within the 10-day lead up to the final, our team travelled to the Spurs and Liverpool training grounds as part of their media day operations to scan, process and animate some of the world's most famous athletes for UEFA and their broadcast partners.

These sophisticated assets were ultimately broadcast globally by five of UEFA’s top broadcast partners, including SKY Germany and Univision, across broadcast, digital and social platforms.

Understanding the brief

Our objectives


Create 52 broadcast ready 3D player avatars in less than 2 weeks


Optimise mobile scanning and processing for high-speed turnaround


Integrate with major graphics platforms used by top broadcast partners

Our approach

Since scanning the final teams for the UCL 2018 season, Fanview and Repronauts have focused considerable time optimising our workflows to reduce the scanning time required by these high profile (and time-sensitive) athletes to less than 60 seconds each. The evolution of our mobile scanning service means that it is now logistically feasible to scan large volumes of football stars in such a short time frame.

Further, by using the latest processing and editing technology, we have integrated cloth simulation and enhanced facial feature capture capabilities, to create truly life-like avatars and motion for each athlete.

The team was then able to process and rig all athletes within a fortnight, producing exceptionally high quality 3D avatars for broadcast use, integrating with three different graphics platforms - Ross, Vizrt and Unreal.

52 football stars scanned in less than 60 seconds each

Fanview's Approach

The results

Delivering on our word

Here are just some of the impressive results that we've achieved:


social engagements with avatar content on UEFA's social platforms


athletes scanned in less than 60 seconds each


global broadcasters used on air including SKY Germany and Univision

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