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Project Overview

Fanview help Formula-e use Augmented Reality to drive through more innovation

Formula E is getting into high gear for the new 2019 season, delivering a new and engaging way for their fans to experience each race under the guidance of Fanview’s veteran technological expertise. Launching for their first race in Saudi Arabia, television audiences will feel part of the live action and experience the race like never before through an augmented reality graphic experience with refined camera tracking.

Fanview lent their extensive landscape knowledge and experience building world-class technology products to manage a multivariate product test and provide a thorough functionality analysis. Ultimately Fanview distinguished the most adept technology solution to exact Formula E’s high end specifications, saving them invaluable time, money and ambiguity.

Understanding the brief

Our objectives


Support Formula-e in their desire to find cutting-edge technology that can deliver innovative in-race content


Find and test the most suitable and highest quality solutions on the market


Ensure that the selected technologies can meet the exacting requirements of 13 races across 12 destinations

Our approach

Fanview provided consultancy and project management services to Formula-e to test and select the leading edge camera tracking and augmented reality systems available on the market.

Fanview used our project management methodology to ensure a robust testing and selection process for the 8 technology providers we engaged with. 3 separate tests at 3 different circuits were organised to cover a variety of solutions.

The final graphics solution is an intrinsic part of the Formula-e race coverage and will extend Formula-e’s engagement with their fan base.

Formula-e take Augmented Graphics to new levels of innovation

Fanview's Approach

The results

Delivering on our word

Here are just some of the impressive results that we've achieved:


suppliers selected and tested


tests at 3 separate circuits


circuits across the world will see this technology deployed

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