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PUBG Global Invitational

Project Overview

Data, Graphics, Production & Integration Services

Fanview partners with Detune to deliver services for PUBG Global Invitational in Berlin.

Fanview worked closely with the event organisers and PUBG to integrate the brand new live game, API, with a wide set of services, including broadcast graphics, stadium video screens, and augmented reality graphics.

Fanview developed a REST API for use of the various services, as well as provide the graphics implementation and operation.

In addition, Fanview provided a whole variety of content creation services that included telling the story of european qualification for teams in Europe that made the finals in Berlin. Fanview delivered creative sequences using a mixture of specially shot content and competition footage and had a dedicated crew producing a variety of content during the 5 days of competition

Understanding the brief

Our objectives


Leverage the fledgling in-game API to bring new on-screen and in-venue experiences to the audience and fans worldwide


Elevate the event coverage to the highest production standards through latest technology and innovative creative services


Create the foundation for a compelling and entertaining PUBG Esports event that can be built upon and leveraged in the future

Happy Clients

We are humbled by the enthusiasm from fans around the world to experience the pinnacle of PUBG competition at PGI 2018. With the foundation laid at this year’s world championship event in Berlin, we made major strides in proving the potential of PUBG esports on a global scale and aim to present an even more robust esports offering in 2019 as we roll out our continued vision.

Changhan Kim, CEO
PUBG Corporation

Our approach

Fanview worked closely with Production Associates, Banana Culture and PUBG to define a clear set of deliverables across all areas.

Fanview then worked in close collaboration with PUBG in Korea and New York City to implement the live API into the graphics workflow.

Over 60 million peak concurrent viewers over the 5 days of competition

Fanview's Approach

The results

Delivering on our word

Here are just some of the impressive results that we've achieved:

60 million

peak concurrent


streams produced


man days

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