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Project Overview

Fanview elevates broadcast experience for PUBG’s inaugural North American league

South Korean eSports producer and broadcaster, OGN, has rewarded North American PUBG fans by bringing their world famous eSports production and broadcast skills to Californian shores with the 2019 inaugural North American PUBG League (NPL).

Fanview worked closely with PUBG, OGN and eSports production powerhouse Detune (formerly Production Associates) to design, build and deliver a visually-powerful, cohesive and brand-defining broadcast graphics package, including a custom data feed and augmented reality graphics experience.

Understanding the brief

Our objectives


Create a cohesive and visually-compelling broadcast package that represents PUBG’s brand and tells a unique story


Articulate 64 concurrent player stories through broadcast graphics and a cutting edge AR experience


Develop an API feed powerful and fast enough to feed broadcast data, in-studio graphics and social media updates and inform live production team decisions

Our approach

Fanview designed the NPL broadcast graphics toolkit, transforming PUBG’s established and internationally-regarded brand and aesthetic into a graphics experience that is visually-compelling, cohesive and, above all, an engaging fan experience.

To feed the graphics, Fanview built a live, open API to feed into a custom control interface (Ignition) developed by graphics software company, Idonix, translating key game information into unique team stories via broadcast graphics, in-studio graphics, LED displays and social media content. Ignition continues to be a pivotal production tool supporting OGN and PUBG production teams with their storytelling decisions.

To top off this cutting edge eSports broadcast, Fanview delivered data-driven AR graphics, allowing a new level of in depth storytelling. The AR maps also include sophisticated data overlays of critical team data to provide unparalleled insight into the gameplay.

The 2019 PUBG NPL continues to air on Twitch and YouTube most Saturday and Sundays at 2pm PST with regular matches until the season finale in November 2019.

+10 hours per week of live broadcast over 11 months

Fanview's Approach

The results

Delivering on our word

Here are just some of the impressive results that we've achieved:


data points analysed during Phase I alone


different outputs based on Fanview's open API game feed


live game feeds including 64 player feeds, 6 observer feeds and 2 maps feeds

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