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Red Bull Player One Graphics Pack

Project Overview

Red Bull Player One Graphics Pack

Fanview worked with Red Bull’s creative team to develop the overall broadcast aesthetic for Red Bull’s renowned League of Legends tournament, Player One - a 1v1 LOL tournament featuring the world’s best amateur duelists in partnership with Riot EU.

We created a centralised graphics package to enable Red Bull to meet a key goal - unify the brand’s look and feel across all of their regions, including new wipes and stings.

Understanding the brief

Our objectives


Visually stunning broadcast graphics package with new wipes and stings


Comprehensive graphics templates offered to 25 qualified countries


Control the global competition brand through a unified graphics package

Our approach

In order to nurture an engaged and loyal audience, we aim to bring the game concerned to life by breaking down the skill, the characters and the people behind them in a digestible and fun way. This is our primary aim across all esports broadcast projects.

Fanview helps extract this untold potential with our unique esport-specific broadcast experience, technical expertise and gaming knowledge, taking account of both broadcaster and sponsor needs.

With less than two weeks to create a fully-comprehensive graphics package for Red Bull’s renowned LOL tournament, the team worked closely with Red Bull’s creative team to ensure a constant creative feedback loop, building up a range of stills and animated sequences.

We delivered a full design graphics bible, individual template files, animated wipes, name stings and a new Red Bull-branded Sting.

Over 25 participating countries received our graphics package

Fanview's Approach

The results

Delivering on our word

Here are just some of the impressive results that we've achieved:


Graphics Template plus new sting, wipes and animated spurs


Countries use the centralised graphics package


Single graphics package ensuring consistent brand presentation

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